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Workforce Readiness and Career Shaping Business and Technology Training Program

By combining practical business and 21st century technology training and giving students the opportunity to learn via role simulation and teamwork, program participants will likely develop competencies and confidence that will allow them to discover new possibilities, expand their capabilities and empower  them to lessen their economic hardships.

~Mark A. Fraser,  President

Target Training Groups
  1. High school graduates who are either unable or unwilling to attend college.

  2. Non-working adults who are interested in entering the workforce but lack rudimentary to intermediate knowledge and skills in business and technology.

  3. Minimum wage workers who are seeking to upgrade their skills to either increase their earning potential or to begin studying to transition into a new job or career.

Training content
  • Computer literacy: includes hands-on training in hardware, software and policies (security and best practice).

  • Resume preparation, job-hunting and job-interviewing skills.

  • Job performance and job retention metrics.

  • Financial literacy and budgeting.

Program Outcomes
  1. In relation to technology training, students will develop competencies in technology allowing them to gain employment as an IT support specialist or IT help desk staff.

  2. In relation to the business training aspect, students will learn about resume writing, job-hunting and interviewing skills, satisfactory job performance, money and time management and workplace ethics

  3. Overall, this training program will equip students to be well-rounded and well-positioned to excel in an IT-intensive work environment and to exceed managerial expectations within their assigned job roles.

  4. Students who complete this program will be issued a framed certificate of competence along with a detailed transcript.

Program Commencement, Duration and Cost
  • This training program will begin the first week of every quarter and training will be for 18 hours (10 hours of technology training and 8 hours of business training). Next training will begin in October 2022.

  • The cost of this training program is $350

Program Mentors/Trainers

Mr. Mark Fraser, B.S. Information Technology, MS, Information Technology Management, Certified Associate Project Manager, Certified Career Executive Coach.

Mrs. Vinette D’Andrade, BBA

Interested persons must send an email to to receive registration details.