Now you can benefit from STEM education that only elite private and pubic schools’ students traditionally benefited from. When ready to pay, simply use the button below.

In less than a year, homeschool students trained by us took part in ACTE's prestigious Tech Fair where they won 2nd place at the regional level and 1st at the state level. 

What makes our program unique?

As a homeschool group, we don't want you to get caught up in doing a little bit of this ... and a little bit of that. We want you to focus on training and exposure for your children that matter the most! To do this, we invite you to seriously think about all the high-paying and prestigious careers, and to then ask yourself if that's what your time and money are being spent on. Even in STEM-related areas, limited, late and restricted experiences prove to be a waste of time and money. For this reason, we want to partner with homeschool groups to give each student maximum STEM educational advantage over their peers. We achieve this by focusing on STEM skills that are in growing demand, making our program hands-on and real-world, and by ensuring that each student participates equally, builds, understands, and then given the opportunity to model what he or she has learned. GenerateTech is a comprehensive STEM educational facility where there are no spectators!

Every student is equipped for success at multiple levels:

  • The development of confidence and intellectual strength as students acquire 21st Century technical skills.

  • Immediate leadership and communication success as students are given opportunities to model their knowledge by teaching concepts learned and reviewing the work of their peers.

  • The real-world, instructor-led training that is administered put students on par with students from elite private schools.

  • Students exposed to our program are likely to attend a four-year college, increase their ACT STEM score, benefit from scholarships, do advanced courses in college, and pursue high-paying careers in STEM-related professions.

  • Older students will be solidly equipped for the workforce by receiving marketable technical and business skills.

  • By learning from skilled, passionate, and experienced instructors in a hands-on fashion, each child will build, learn, and grow.

Training For Renaissance School & Others

Once per week, up to 2 hours long

Training Content:

Term two (September thru December)

* Robotics: Innovation and Game Design

* Software and Website Design

Term two (January thru May): $60 per month

* Arduino Electronics: Circuit Design

* Visual Basic Scripting and Using Macros in PowerPoint 2016

Training Day: Wednesdays - 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM; Grades 5 thru 9

* 9 students or more. Renaissance parents, please sign up with Courtney Klotz. All others please register here.

Training For Regular Homeschool Group & Others

Once per week, up to 2 hours long

Training Content:

Term one (September thru December)

* Programming with Python

* Game Design with MIT's Scratch

Term two (January thru May): $60 per month

* Programming with C#

* App Development with Unity

Training Day: Tuesdays - 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM; Grades 6 and Up

* 9 students or more. Please register here

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