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Homeschoolers Need STEM 

Stand  out from the crowd...Focus on your child's future

We Are Providing Safe In-person TRAINING To Stop The Disruption To Your Child's Emotional Growth and Social AND EDUCATIONAL Development.

We have a proven track record of working with homeschool students to challenge and inspire them. Parents do need to think outside the box and progressively to carve out the best future for their children and not confirm to stereotypes, actions and attitudes that stifle student success. At GenerateTech, we will climb any 'mountain' to help any child become successful. This is why we have also developed our Elite Homeschool Connection program. It allows qualified homeschool parents to quadruple their impact on the homeschool community while earning some extra money.


An innovative place for homeschool students to meet not just to play and socialize but to collaborate, create and to cultivate 21st century competence and to develop confidence. GenerateTech is that innovative place, catering for every STEAM educational need.

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Homeschoolers are very smart and this is exactly why they need ongoing training in STEM. Our Robotics Range, STEAM Self-Learning Center and 3D Prototyping and Printing Platform will allow students to explore all of their learning interests and curiosities. 

Our homeschool program has been restructured: -
  • We now offer Co-ops and training that target the whole family.
  • We have prepared our program using key educational metrics
  • We have added more days to make our program accessible
  • Our fee is very competitive when you take your child's overall training experience into account.
  • We do not babysit ... we mentor each student so that everyone learns and grows at GenerateTech.

contact us when you are ready to schedule your first training co-op or field trip. watch video below to see why your child should be a part of our training program.

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As the parent of a homeschooled student your qualifications do matter. Coupled with your knowledge about the dynamics of homeschooling, you can become the catalyst of lasting and life-changing success in the lives of homeschoolers.

As a homeschool family, we don't want you to get caught up in doing a little bit of this ... and a little bit of that. We want you to focus on training and exposure for your children that matter the most! To do this, we invite you to seriously think about all the high-paying and prestigious careers, and to then ask yourself if that's what your time and money are being spent on. Even in STEM-related areas, limited, late and restricted experiences prove to be a waste of time and money. For this reason, we want to partner with homeschool groups to give each student maximum STEM educational advantage over their peers. We achieve this by focusing on STEM skills that are in growing demand, making our program hands-on and real-world, and by ensuring that each student participates equally, builds, understands, and then given the opportunity to model what he or she has learned. GenerateTech is a comprehensive STEM educational facility where there are no spectators! 



Having worked with many homeschooled students of all learning needs including special needs students, we have determined the greatest needs to be: