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Affordable Fixed Costs For All-day Fun
Your Support Will Help Us To Reach More Students

We feature 7 inflatables that support mental acuity, motor skills, team building, and lasting fun. additionally, the sandbag showdown can take the excitement to a whole new level while emphasizing the value of team work and communication. YOU CAN use our inflatables indoors and outdoors for fundraising, company fun days, community engagement programs, family reunions, members' fellowship and more.


Fortnite Shooting Range

Cost to rent: $125 a day. Video game enthusiast or not, this Fortnite-theme shooting game is going to delight everyone – from the rookie shooters to the marksmen. Players have the choice of using a bow with foam-tip arrows or Nerf guns. With moving targets to shoot down, luck will not be on anyone’s side. The game can be played individually or in teams, adding an element of competition and teamwork to the experience. Adults love playing this game.

MR020 - 8players.jpg

Wipeout Eliminator

Cost to rent: $250 a day. Wipeout Eliminator is a multiplayer, super-action game, which challenges participants’ stamina, agility, and reflexes. Participants will jump inside an octagon to play in teams as they do their best to avoid being eliminated by the unpredictable rotating arms of the octagon. Even introverts will become engaged and start to interact with others in order to win – the kind of mindset that is needed for individual and team success. ce environment.


Baseball Batting Cage

Cost to rent: $125 a day. The Batter-Up Baseball inflatable game is an exciting and interactive activity that is perfect for seasoned players and those just starting out. This empowering entertainment activity is designed to simulate the experience of playing baseball in a fun and safe way. It allows players to practice their batting skills as though they were auditioning for the Atlanta Braves or New York Yankees. Set up for left hand and right hand batters, anyone can easily score a home run.


Double Axe Throw

Cost to rent: $125 a day. When it comes to axe throwing, whether you are from the country-side or not, seasoned axe throwers will tell you that double is best. The two targets mean that two players can go up against each other for fun and fulfillment – the kind of fulfillment that comes from winning! Like all other activities, the double Axe Throw is designed with safety in mind, featuring soft foam axes that are easy to grip and throw. It is made of high-quality material to withstand even the most enthusiastic axe throwers. 


Soccer Fever

Cost to rent: $125 a day. Played all over the world and loved by all, soccer remains one of the most celebrated and practiced skill-based games. Participants will get into a competitive mode and mood as they test their ball control and kicking skills. In pairs, they will take their shots at the back wall to score goals. Once a goal shot is made, the ball returns to the other player’s lane as the two players try to outscore each other. It is a game of timing and patience as much as it is a game of fun. Students can be placed in teams to mimic a 2x2 or 3x3 scrimmage.


"Rock" Climbing

Cost to rent: $125 a day. Have you heard of Ninja Warrior? Some of the best competitors and winners have a background in rock climbing. We may very well mold the next Ninja Warrior at an ARISE event. This moderate 20 feet carnival-style Tiki Island Climbing Wall is just what rookie climbers need to show that they can ascend to any height without fear. Safety is our top priority, and this Inflatable climbing wall is designed with safety features such as a soft-landing pad and secure harnesses to ensure that participants can climb with confidence.

Cost to rent: $125 a day. You don’t have to be a professional basketball player to have slam dunk skills. The Bungee Run Basketball Shoot-out inflatable is an interactive, fun and exciting game where two participants are tied to the inflatable with bungee cords, and they pull their way and weight down to the other side to see who will dunk the ball first. Participants will see the benefits of teamwork while discovering the importance of their individual roles as they pair off in teams of twos to compete. This activity communicates powerful non-verbal motivational messages about teamwork and individual input as one person dunks and the other retrieves the ball to carry it back to the starting zone for 2-minutes of fast-pace game play.



We also provide a PA system that allows Bluetooth connections for your music of choice. Cost to rent is $125.

To support our non-profit, and get the fundraising or fun started, call us at 404-496-8997 or email us at

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