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Extending A Teacher's Influence Beyond The Classroom

You love teaching! You love making a difference! This is your opportunity to do more of what you love, and to make some extra money while doing it.

Picture Yourself Extending Your Reach - 
Our Community Needs Your Talent.

My Teacher-Student Impact allows teachers to go into business,

doing what they love, with zero cost. You can bring your students to GenerateTech as a part of running your own innovative after-school program. We will even help you advertise, and your students can also invite their friends because they know how awesome you are. This program will extend your reach into the community, allowing you to impact more lives to bridge the learning gap in STEM education. You do not have to think about any resources you may need. GenerateTech has it all!

Teacher Assisting a Student

GenerateTech Boasts a Spacious STEM Facility That is

Adaptable to any STEAM Program and Grade Level

GenerateTech's spacious and well-equipped STEAM training facility consists of a STEAM Self-Learning Center (Makerspace), a Robotics Range, a 3D Prototyping and Printing Platform and a formal instructor-led training area. We have all the resources and lots of safe outdoor space for those whose programs will require going outdoors. You can teach a drones class at GenerateTech. As a part of our Teach-Student Impact program, you will have access to all of our resources.




Decide what you want to teach - anything STEAM related, i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math


Decide on the grade level (s) you want to teach. You will be able to attract students from other schools


Write your plan down after visualizing it - include every detail you could think about and get ready for step 4


Contact GenerateTech to come and explore our facility, but more importantly, to discuss your plan to make a difference


Once you feel confident about moving forward, program execution will begin. We will help you with promotion

Generatetech will require a monthly donation for its facility use. this amount could be taken from your student fees, and it will not exceed 50%.

Are you ready to lock in your spot?
Use the form below to contact us.

Teacher-Student Impact

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