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You Can Mobilize and Train To Drive Real Success!

At GenerateTech, it took us two years of careful review to discover a potent secret to homeschooling success – not average and transient success – instead, long-lasting and life-changing success fostered by qualified homeschool parents.

Amongst homeschool parents, there are those who possess great talent, training and skill sets. It is these parents who could ultimately change the homeschooling landscape by deciding to break barriers on behalf of their children and other homeschool families. Your qualifications coupled with your knowledge about the dynamics of homeschooling will make you the catalyst of lasting and life-changing success as you mobilize and get in front of or in the middle of a class.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Homeschool students are very smart, and this is why they need ongoing quality STEM training. A little bit of this and that, and not focusing on skill development will keep your child behind unless you get in front and LEAD.

Together, you and GenerateTech can give homeschoolers the chance to outperform their peers and to become productive and successful adults. You will need to think outside of the box, progressively and practically to carve out the best future for your children and not conform to stereotypes and negative attitudes that limit success. GenerateTech is here to support homeschoolers with the same passion that we devote to helping students from the traditional school system to succeed.

Happy Children

GenerateTech will continue to support the homeschooling community to help any number of participating families to empower their children and other children regardless

of their background, beliefs and race.

You should play a BIGGER role in the success of homeschoolers. If you have the necessary qualifications and experience, why not be a teacher? Why not play a more decisive role in the lives of homeschoolers? Why not use your God-given talent for a greater good and get paid for doing so? Because of GenerateTech’s well-equipped STEM training facility, you can quickly get back into the game. Our Elite Homeschool Connections program will put you in the driver's seat of your child's success


Our facility consists of 4 main training quarters: A STEAM Self-Learning Center, A Robotics Range, A 3D Prototyping and Printing Platform, and a huge STEM Training Classroom. There’s outdoor space for other activities, such as Drones.

What you need to do to begin to directly impact the lives of others in 2021 is SIMPLE:

  1. Make the decision to use your training to provide fellow homeschool parents with innovative training opportunities for their children.

  2. Mobilize fellow conscientious homeschool parents and discuss your training ideas. Homeschool parents would love to have any qualified homeschool parent teach their children.

  3. Meet with GenerateTech’s leadership team to finalize the use of our well-equipped STEM training facility. We will simply ask that you pay a reasonable facility use fee, which your fellow homeschool parents will be happy to contribute to.

To create a different kind of impact, you can bring your group to our facility with your parents acting as teachers/guides to expose your students to any aspect of STEM education. This can occur once a month or once a week. Only pay a reasonable facility use fee, which is tax-exempt. Our facility can safely accommodate 40 students who can all be immersed in various STEM activities at once. Now you make a bigger DIFFERENCE!!

Parked School Buses

As soon as you are ready to set up your first Elite Homeschool Connections training session, send us an email or give us a call. We will even help you with promoting your program, and all the non-consumable resources you will need, we will make available. Elite Homeschool Connections is the new secret to homeschooling SUCCESS!

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