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Training Girls To
Become Innovative Leaders

We Are thrilled To Be A Training Partner With The
Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

Leadership skills

Girls will develop competence, confidence, character and critical thinking skills as they are inspired to use their training to improve and /or develop new  technologies that will enhance the human experience.

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As we prepare our training content,
we focus on the following:


We systematically guide students in choosing great careers


Our students don't conform, they reveal their strengths and interests


We emphasize other awareness and teamwork via group activities 


Coding is integral to all aspects of technology and our students are ahead


Via challenges and communication, everyone THINKS

The uniqueness of our program

The uniqueness of GenerateTech’s program is not defined by a single idea, process or phenomenon. Instead, it is the conglomerate of the connected parts including training content, delivery methods and pricing that allows program participants to explore new possibilities and to discover their own capabilities. With a strong focus on developing student competence, broad reading and research guide the development of the training curriculum to ensure depth, innovation and relevance. As a hands-on STEM education provider, all program participants always learn by doing rather than just listening and observing. All training activities are rooted in problem-solving skills and students explore solutions individually, by collaborating with their peers and in consultation with their instructor. 

Successful Teenagers

Badges and Journeys

  • Daisy: digital leadership, coding basics, app development, all cybersecurity badges, all robots badges, board game design badge, think like an engineer, and think like a programmer.

  • Brownie: digital leadership, STEM career exploration, robotics, think like a programmer, digital game design, and all cybersecurity badges.

  • Junior: digital leadership, programming badge, think like a programmer award, digital game design, and all cybersecurity badges.

  • Cadette: digital leadership, all cybersecurity badges and STEM career exploration

  • Senior: digital leadership, all cybersecurity badges and senior website design

If your badge or Journey is not listed, contact us.

Troop leaders who are interested in scheduling training for badges and journeys on dates that are convenient to you, you can use the form below to contact us. We can also come to your location to conduct training.
We have a cybersecurity badge/journey training planned for  Saturday, September 24 for Brownies and Juniors 


Cyber Security Badge/Journey
Girls Glowing In STEM 

Choose Your Training Date: -

  1. Cyber Security Badges/Journey For Brownies and Juniors: September 24: 12:30 - 4:00 PM

  2. Girls Glowing In STEM: October 29: 12:30 - 4:00 PM

Training Activities For Girls Glowing In STEM:-

  • Programming and Electronics

Girls will learn about and /or reinforce their knowledge of important programming syntaxes as they design an educational-based PC game. In terms of electronics, girls will learn the fundamentals as they make simple circuits and build fans (take home projects). Fee: $20 per scout. Target groups are: Brownies, Juniors and Cadettes. 

Email us to schedule training for other levels and badges/journeys.

Use the form below to contact us/register for training. We will donate 12% of  collected fees to Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta.

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