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Science and Technology

After-school STEM Growth Program

We Cater For Students In Grades 2 - 9

UNLIKE OTHER PROGRAMS, OURS IS 21ST CENTURY ENGINEERED. WITH NEW AND EVOLVING TECHNOLOGIES, students WILL DEVELOP COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, CRICTICAL-THINKING SKILLS, CREATIVITY AND CHARACTER. THIS YEAR'S TRAINING is designed to expand the capabilities of gifted students and to show failing students new possibilities. Generatetech is a training hub for all students in spite of the grades on their report cards and their attitudes toward learning.

"If an after-school program is not providing hands-on training in at least two areas of STEM education along with the traditional homework assistance, such a program is outdated, and it will stifle growth in the areas of competence and confidence."

~Mark Fraser, President


Our innovative STEM-driven after-school program boasts a complete STEM educational experience for all students and includes holistic homework assistance and leadership grooming via our peer mentoring program. In the long-term, students who grow with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education are much more likely to score higher on the ACT, attend a four-year college, pursue graduate studies and land high-paying jobs. In the short-term, these students develop 21st Century skills that build their confidence and empowers them to outperform their peers. In fact, the low cumulative STEM scores received by students from the first to the last time they take the ACT, highlights the need for a greater focus on STEM education among elementary and middle school students. Even privileged students who get to attend STEM high schools are not able to make the most of their training because of a lack of or limited exposure to a well-structured STEM education program during elementary and middle school.

Our after-school environment is safe from bullying and boredom. All students, regardless of their performance in the traditional classroom environment, are able to learn and grow with us by observing, doing, collaborating, role playing, prototyping, communicating, iterating, and from receiving passionate and compassionate help. Participating students will become woven into an academically-charged and technologically-driven environment that offers everyone the same opportunity to become disciplined learners and successful students.

Because we share the belief that the difference between success and failure is opportunity, we have adopted a low-cost approach so that families can comfortably enroll their children.


Our program is rooted in problem-solving skills and entails hands-on projects that are real-world and 21st Century relevant.


Kids robot

we focus on competence

At GenerateTech, we believe that the best way to teach 21st Century skills is by utilizing a competency-based model. This means that students do not automatically move on to the next lesson. They only move on when they have mastered the specific skill - when they become competent! 


we build confidence

We do not look over or look down upon any student. In fact, we do the opposite - we look out for each student! This approach to learning and our non-bullying environment allow students to develop confidence alongside competence. 


we always challenge

While knowing facts such as how to multiple and break words into syllables to help with pronunciation are things children should know, they are, at best, basic and inconsequential to success. Our work challenges students to make things better.



Many after-school care facilities have not evolved in the area of training content, i.e., the inclusion of 21st century skills:  STEM education. If an after-school program is not STEM-driven, it is under delivering. Our program does it best!



History is a good predictor of the future, and at GenerateTech, our history boasts students who consistently developed confidence, a healthy self-esteem, made better grades, won at Tech and Science Fairs and became peer tutors & role models



Students attain key learning milestones by demonstrating specific skills. We assess students' competencies to determine their learning rate in relation to their peers and the defined objectives of each of our program subset. 



Since we believe that children need the best in education and mentorship in order to alleviate education and economic gaps, we utilize a low-cost approach. All fees are 100% tax-deductible, and when compared with other programs, ours stand out.

We encourage maximum participation to empower your child to outperform his/her peers and to achieve and maintain good success. By exposing students to two different STEM areas in a structured and systematic way, they will be able to achieve both breadth and depth while bridging skills in STEM.

It is not so much what children do in the traditional classroom that can transform their lives, but what they do after school. This is why so many parents have developed an obsession with their children doing sports. Having been there and having done that, we know that your child will need SOMETHING MORE to be able to outperform his or her peers and to surpass your own accomplishments.


But is that SOMETHING MORE sports? Only for a few. The vast majority will need to engage their minds over their muscles in order to attain lasting success. Tragically, many students never benefit from a well-structured  all-inclusive after-school STEM training program and so they become under achievers. They either go straight home to do as they please or they remain in school doing nothing while also observing others goofing around. Both situations make learning unattractive and the mind lazy. With technology at the forefront of all industries, YOUR CHILD IS IN A GOOD PLACE at GenerateTech. They are learning things that matter - things that translate to personal empowerment in the now and to professional empowerment in the future. 

Training Schedule For January - May 2023


After-school Growth Care ( Coding and Web Design Classes for Grades 6 - 9 )


After-school Growth Care ( Math & Robotics for Grades 2 - 5 )


After-school Growth Care ( Coding  and Web Design Classes for Grades 6 - 9


After-school Growth Care ( Virtual Reality, Science & Electronics for Grades 2 - 5


After-school Growth Care ( Coding and Robotics for Grades 2 - 5 )

We utilize a simple and affordable tax-exempt fee structure to encourage broad participation. Unlike the typical teacher-student classroom encounters, we focus on the needs of individual learners and not the entire class; we focus on skill mastery and not on syllabus completion.

1 Day A Week: $60 A Month

2 Days A Week: $100 A Month

3 Days A Week: $150 A Month

4 Days A Week: $180 A Month

NB. Students who attend for 4 days a week will not pay for the 5th day.


  • The monthly fee is payable at the beginning of each month - on or before the 3rd and is fixed. We have set our fees to account for holidays, no shows, make-up sessions, extra work, snacks and late pick-ups. Without your timely payment, we will not be able to pay our bills to continue serving.

  • Sibling discount for every other sibling is 40% of fees.

  • Any student who is attending 2 or more days a week and is coming from a school that is at least 15 miles from our training facility will receive an additional discount of $10.

IMPORTANT: We can pick-up students from most schools in Rockdale County for a small fee. Call or email us to discuss your pick-up needs.

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