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Hands-on Training in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

We Are Providing Safe In-person TRAINING To Stop The Disruption To Your Child's Emotional Growth and Social AND EDUCATIONAL Development.

We are ready to welcome students back from Tuesday, January 12. Share the news with your friends and come on over to GenerateTech 

Our innovative STEM-driven after-school program boasts a complete STEM educational experience for all students. Students who grow with STEM education are much more likely to score higher on the ACT, attend a four-year college, pursue graduate studies and land high-paying jobs. In fact, the low cumulative STEM scores received by students from the first to the last time they take the ACT, highlights the need for a greater focus on STEM education among elementary and middle school students.

Our after-school environment is safe from bullying and boredom. All students, regardless of their performance in the traditional classroom environment, are able to learn and grow with us by observing, doing, collaborating, communicating, iterating, and receiving one-on-one guidance. Students become woven into an academically and technologically charged environment that keeps them challenged and focused while having fun.

At GenerateTech, we focus on training that matters! We don't babysit ... we deposit.


After being in operation for over two and having worked with students from various schools, we know what students do not get from the traditional school system and that's why we focus on Competence, Confidence and Challenging students with our after-school program. When we say, we are serious about student success, it is because we are SERIOUS!!


we focus on competence

At GenerateTech, we believe that the best way to teach 21st Century skills is by utilizing a competency-based model. This means that students do not automatically move on to the next lesson. They only move on when they have mastered the specific skill - when they become competent!  

Robot World

we build confidence

We do not look over or look down upon any student. In fact, we do the opposite - we look out for each student! This approach to learning and our non-bullying environment allow students to develop confidence alongside competence.  

Black Puzzle Pieces

we always challenge

While knowing facts such as how to multiple and break words into syllables to help with pronunciation are things children should know, they are, at best, basic and inconsequential to success. Our work challenges students to make things better. 

Our After-school program has been restructured: -
  • Lower membership fee ($100) to help us purchase training resources
  • Lower monthly fee of $75 per child for one day per week or $100 per month per child for two days per week.
  • More training areas and opportunities
  • Different groups attend on different days to maximize learning

For 2021, we will resume training in website design

and robotics for all grade levels

Website Design With HTML, CSS & Bootstrap

Website Design  Training: Students meet on Tuesdays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Every web page on the internet is written in a language called HTML. You can think of HTML as the skeleton that gives every web page structure. In this course, we'll learn HTML syntax such as paragraph tags, headings, images and links to add to a web page, navigational buttons, forms, embedding videos, and creating image links. Then, we’ll combine that with CSS to create visually engaging web pages, user interfaces for web applications, and user interfaces for many mobile applications. We’ll explore Bootstrap and use it’s capabilities to create stunning websites. With these skills, you’ll be able to bring your website design skills and creativity to life! Web design skill is useful for today's workforce.

Competition-Style Robotics Training

Robotics Training: Students meet on Wednesdays from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Students will continue to write computer code to control their assigned Dash robot.  Following the themes of Game Design, Creative Writing and Innovation, students will learn how to program their robots to accomplish specific tasks. Robotics is about making machines move, and our students enjoy controlling  Dash's movement, behavior and impulses to accomplish specific tasks. Robotics help students to develop advanced problem-solving, applied design thinking and collaboration skills while stimulating interest in computer programming. Robotics training is currently for elementary and middle school students, and training will take place on Wednesdays.