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Hands-on Training in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Our innovative STEM-driven after-school program boasts a complete STEM educational experience for all students. Students who grow with STEM education are much more likely to score higher on the ACT, attend a four-year college, pursue graduate studies and land high-paying jobs. In fact, the low cumulative STEM scores received by students from the first to the last time they take the ACT, highlights the need for a greater focus on STEM education among elementary and middle school students. Because our commitment is to give students the very best shot at success, we added an immersive and adaptive math training component.

Our after-school environment is safe from bullying and boredom. All students, regardless of their performance in the traditional classroom environment, are able to learn and grow with us by observing, doing, collaborating, communicating, iterating, and receiving one-on-one guidance. Students become woven into an academically and technologically charged environment that keeps them challenged and focused while having fun.

Though we follow a fully customized systematic curriculum that fosters learning connections among the STEM disciplines, fun and excitement play a key role in our approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions, other students are encouraged to answer questions and creativity is extracted. At GenerateTech, we focus on training that matters! We don't babysit ... we deposit.


Our After-school program has been restructured: -
  • Lower membership fee ($100) to help us purchase training resources
  • Lower monthly fee of $75 per child for members. Non-members pay $100 per month
  • More training areas and opportunities
  • Different groups attend on different days to maximize learning


  • Students from grade 7 and up will come on Tuesdays from 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM

  • Students from grade 6 and below will come on Tues and Wed from 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM


*The training curriculum remains the same

To best cater for the STEM education training needs of all our after-school students, and to keep everyone safe during COVID-19, students will meet on the following days:

Tues and Wed: 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM - Grades 3 thru 6. 

Tuesdays: 3:00 PM - 5:15 PM - Grades 7 and Up.

After-school training will begin MONDAY, AUGUST 31 for students in grades 3 thru 6 and on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 02 for students in grade 7 and above.

Please note:

  • Members will pay $75 per child and non-members will pay $100 per child

  • Membership fee for 2020 - 2021 school year is $100

Micro: Bit Programming & 1 Hour of Coding


3: 00 PM to

5:00 pm

Students will be introduced to physical computing as they learn about BBC Micro: Bit and how to program it. Using Microsoft Make-code platform, students will learn fundamental coding concepts and syntax as they solve a number of problems using their micro:Bits. Students will be able to extend the capabilities of their Micro: Bits using their radio features, Bluetooth and other hardware such as alligator clips. As a part of the one hour of code, students will work on tech fair projects or continue coding within a theme-based gaming environment on an online platform.

JAVA Programming


3:00 PM to

5:00 PM

This course teaches programming in a problem-driven way that focuses on problem-solving. To support the teaching of programming in a problem-driven way, the course provides a wide variety of problems at various levels of difficulty to motivate students. To appeal to students in all majors, the problems cover many application areas, including math, science, business, finance, and gaming. The course focuses on fundamentals first by introducing basic programming concepts and techniques before designing custom classes. Building this strong foundation prepares students to learn object-oriented programming and advanced Java programming.

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