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Important Message For Parents, Teachers and Donors

Welcome! GenerateTech is a one-of-a-kind technology company that fosters learning via hands-on interactions. It is a creativity, critical thinking and collaboration training zone; a repository of IT knowledge; a self-engaging, all-inclusive portal; and much more. As the Founder of GenerateTech, its President and one of its instructors, my goal is to provide a facility where any student regardless of his or her school grades could connect with trained IT professionals, passionate instructors, and other students on a cognitive level in order to collaborate on projects and develop their ideas. Because systems thinking is integral to GenerateTech's service offerings, all students will be challenged to utilize reasoning and analysis as they communicate with their instructors and peers, tackle problems, build prototypes, and share and digest new information.

The conglomerate of services offered via the Tech Forum (coding, web design, computer animations, applications building, multimedia projects, MS Office proficiency and graphics design), the Makerspace (robotics, science and engineering experiments, electronics, IQ training, prototyping, teamwork and problem-solving) and the Gaming Café (coordination and concentration improvement, memory and brain speed training, social skills development, refreshment of mind and body and opportunities to compete in tournaments to win prizes and earn bragging rights) caters for all the important technology, engineering, leadership, skill-building, career-shaping and social needs of your child.

With our added adaptive and immersive math mastery training component, your child will eventually gain a competitive edge and emerge as a leader and role model among his or her peers.

I setup GenerateTech in the same manner I would have wanted to benefit back in my school days. Though I played sports and dabbled other extra-curricular activities, I know that the availability of an affordable hands-on, STEM-driven after-school program would have topped my list of priorities. In fact, because I could not find a comprehensive, hands-on and real-world STEM after-school program for my then seventh grade son to attend, I became inspired to found GenerateTech so that no other parent and deserving child would have to face that dilemma. GenerateTech ‘s program is vastly different from what is offered in the school, if available at all:

· Students learn at their own pace while being appropriately challenged.

· Instructors work with each student as if he or she were helping their own child.

· Parents are always welcomed into our learning spaces to witness firsthand what and how their children are learning.

· Instructors are engaged because we want the least performing child in the traditional classroom environment to develop conviction, confidence, technical know-how and personality.

· Every daily project and experiment is hands-on and real-world, allowing students to make connections among Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

· Team building, probing questioning, and controlled cross-talking are encouraged to create a cognitive environment where others’ perspectives are heard and valued.

· There is usually a high level of discipline because the students who attend want to be at GenerateTech.

· There are no spectators! Every student is observed to ensure balanced participation.

As a parent, the question you should ask yourself isn't “Can I afford to get my child involved?” but rather “Should I accept my child’s non-involvement while others are getting ahead?” By asking yourself the right question you are engaging your child's future to his/her advantage and, indirectly, yours. GenerateTech’s program fees are reasonably set to encourage participation at various levels based on a family’s disposable income and its commitment to student success. Because we are a nonprofit, certain families should consider soliciting the financial support of community, church, and business leaders in order to cover their fees. We have prepared a letter that you can print and fill in before submitting to such a leader or well-to-do family member.

I want to emphasize that because our program setup is hands-on, your child will quickly learn, grow and advance with each successive attendance. I believe that an excellent STEM-driven curriculum is one in which there are no frills, but only content that directly supports a final goal such as to animate an object to make it travel at 125 MPH. Our small class size and daily limited participation in our Makerspace and Tech Forum mean that your child will get the attention he or she deserves and ample time to explore, build, and collaborate with others. Without a doubt, I know that GenerateTech will transform your child’s life. Here, the staff’s mandate is to influence every child who walks through our doors to think, behave, and live outside the box, futuristically and with confidence. If you haven’t done so yet, please pay for an active membership for this school year. The cost is only $100, and it is really the best way to impact your child’s life. Whichever route you take, the learning outcome is the same whether participating as a member or non-member.

Mark A. Fraser

Founder and President

  Location: 231 Shelton Beach Road, Unit A Saraland, Alabama 36571

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