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Science and Technology


Hands-on STEM Activities for the whole family

Our STEAM Learning Center is akin to a Makerspace which is a huge technological breakthrough of the 21st Century. A Makerspace allows students of all ages, learning types and interest and creativity levels to make things; children become Makers. However, not all Makerspaces do the same things and achieve the same results. GenerateTech’s STEAM Learning Center is deliberately not referred to as a Makerspace because it has so much more to offer than the traditional Makerspace. The STEAM learning Center is unique in that it provides a myriad of skill-based, real-world, hands-on projects, which students can engage in either individually or as a part of a family event or team project. This environment puts students in control as they explore different possibilities within every interaction. We take pride in our intuitive design that puts your child in the driver’s seat as he/she learns, explores and grows. 

With students of all learning capabilities in mind, The STEAM Learning Center is setup to give all participants the most practical, hands-on approach to technology as they build prototypes, observe models, perform experiments, and engage in abstraction and system thinking. Within immersive environment, the only barrier to your child's growth, motivation and creativity is his or her imagination. Fortunately, we know how to inspire students to aspire. When you are ready to let your child/children experience some awesome hands-on STEM just check out us! Some of our self-guided/exploratory activities and challenges include the following:

To use our STEAM Learning Center, we only ask for a donation of $15 per family per use. Each use time is up to one hour and fifteen minutes long. Parents who drop off children for training will find our STEAM Learning Center to be an invaluable addition because they can explore all that it can offer with their younger (other) children while they are on location.

Use of STEAM Self-Study Center is by Appointment - call or email us to book time

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