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As a non-profit, GenerateTech, Inc. is committed to providing scalable, real-world and hands-on cutting-edge technology training, services, and experiences to all its patrons at a low cost so that anyone who seeks to participate could not be excluded because of the cost factor. To keep our cost low, while delivering high-quality real-life STEM

educational experiences to students with different learning needs, we do need the support of parents, business owners, community leaders and philanthropists. As the founders, directors,  and instructors at GenerateTech, Inc., we do pour a lot of our own money and time into this initiative because we want to give students the best shot at becoming successful adults. Please consider supporting GenerateTech’s vision!

As a STEM education non-profit entity, we welcome cash and in-kind donations to help us achieve our goals. Everyone who works with GenerateTech is committed to giving their very best service to ensure that children get high-quality STEM skills in

preparation for their college education and the workforce. We know that we cannot achieve such noble feats alone, so we would like to solicit your support with cash and in-kind donations of any size.

GenerateTech was established to give economically disadvantaged and non-athletic students the opportunity to benefit from quality systematic training in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The company’s program is geared towards working with students from the traditional school system and homeschooled and special needs students. A significant part of the organization’s strategic vision is to challenge, inspire and educate students of all backgrounds and ethnicity to focus more on science, engineering and computer programming careers. The company is able to achieve its goals by soliciting and employing the services of reputable and qualified teachers and professionals from our community.

We need modern desktops and laptops
We need Smart boards and big screen tvs
We need smart UPS to reduce downtime
We need wood working kits and tools
We need a bus to make STEM mobile
We need a variety of robotics kits
We need more engineering kits
We need cash to pay rent and overheads

  Location: 231 Shelton Beach Road, Unit A Saraland, Alabama 36571

Office Hours: Mon, Thurs & Fri: Flexible hours; Tuesday thru Wednesday : 11 AM - 5:30 PM; Sat: 2 PM - 5 PM

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