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As a nonprofit, GenerateTech is committed to providing scalable, real-world and hands-on cutting-edge technology training and experiences to all its patrons at low costs so that anyone who seeks to participate could not be excluded because of the cost factor.


At GenerateTech, we contract the services of IT Professionals/Teachers and utilize bright and motivated seniors as volunteers in order to deliver to businesses, adults and students, the best of services and training in technology and STEM education.


The staff at GenerateTech will work hard to challenge, inspire, and educate the next generation to become the best scientists, engineers, and computer programmers they can become. Your child, regardless of the grades on his or her report card, will learn, excel and grow via our hands-on project-based STEM program.

Children in Science Class

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Mark Fraser


I am excited about what we have accomplished so far, and I look forward to seeing what our children will do in 2021.


Stacie Beckner

Board Chair

I feel so blessed to be able to serve as the Board Chair, and I am happy that GenerateTech is available for children, including my own son.

Mr. Mark Fraser is a former school teacher, and advertising and human resources manager. He is the father of two college students; his son who is pursuing studies in Software Engineering and his daughter who is pursuing her Law degree. Mark is the proud husband of Dr. Fraser who is a Family Physician. In relation to technical training and certification, Mr. Fraser has broad IT experience and a myriad of qualifications, including CompTIA's A+, Security+ and Project+, MCITP, MCP, LCP, MCSA, Master CIW Designer Certification, Bachelors in Information Technology - Network Administration emphasis, and a Master's degree in Information Technology Management. He is also certified as an Associate Project Manager (CAPM) and an Executive Career Coach.

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