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Camp Theme: I Believe I Can

100% Project-Based Learning For All Types of Learners
Excerpt From Planning Session
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With a new teachers, innovative technologies, and spacious grounds, 2024 will be our best camp to date. Campers can participate from 7:45 AM, be picked up, and served breakfast and lunch for an additional fee. Alternately, campers can attend from 12:30 PM - 5:30 PM. 

Important Message About Summer Camps

Beware of weekly camps that are cheap and overcrowded. Generally, those camps hire untalented and uncaring workers, lack depth and can sear the minds of children with negative thoughts about education, success and their own capabilities. In contrast, camps that run for an entire day that are substantive and high-quality in nature as GenerateTech's camps, tend to overcharge. We make our camps affordable to cater for the demographics we serve, and we do not overwhelm campers. Watch the video below of a former camper's testimonial. She is now pursuing a career in law.

Mark Fraser

MSITM, MCITP, MCSA, CAPM, MCP, CIW, Certified Executive Coach, Ed.D (candidate)

3D Printing Enhances Problem-solving Skills

Light Bulb Poster

Parents and Teachers Speak well of us!

" Words cannot describe this place. You have to experience it for yourself"

"Great facility! Great Program! Above all, Great People"

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and everyone said they learned"

"My son loves the way Mr. Fraser teaches. He says that he is always inspired"

"This is the only place my daughter wants to be at after school"

"Love this place for my children...everything is hands-on"

"Their Summer camps are great for my teens. They attended two years in a row and want to go again."

Imagine it!   Capture it!   Build it!   Experience it!  Own it!

Excited Children in Science Class


May 27 - 31


Middle School

June 10 - 14

Student Portrait

High School

June 24 - 28

3D Printer

3D Printing

July 8 - 12

Customized Camp Schedule: DAY ONE

Artificial Intelligence and Automation

We will introduce campers to artificial intelligence (AI) in a hands-on fashion as they program robots by writing algorithms to automatically 'drive through the city' just like self-driving cars do. Campers will build a 'city' outdoors with ramps, streets, and obstacles for their robots to navigate. Working in teams of twos, everyone will learn to collaborate, think on their feet, express their ideas, problem solve, and write and tweak code to take their robots on a ‘joy’ ride. Campers will gain more than just experience; they will be inspired to believe in themselves.

Customized  Camp Schedule: DAY TWO

*Board Game Design

Because of its success in 2023, board game design is back to help campers develop planning, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, math, teamwork, creativity, and decision-making skills. From conceptualization to play testing, campers will be engaged and encouraged to think outside of the box. *Based on the number of campers participating, PC/digital game design may replace analog board game design. Campers will recognize the importance of patience and perseverance throughout the design process.

Customized Camp Schedule: DAY THREE

STEM Meets Sports

Sporting/physical activities is a new and deliberate addition to our STEM camps. Research has shown that doing sports within a cycle of learning helps students to remain engaged and excited about learning. Hence, we have set aside one day for sports, incorporating STEM projects to promote teamwork, problem solving, communication, resilience, and leadership. In addition to soccer, volley ball, and catch, campers will participate in an outdoor physical project dubbed Energetic Engineering Encounter. Placed in teams, campers will race against each other and the clock to find all the pieces for their engineering model and carry them back to their respective building stations where three campers will be responsible for putting the model together.

Customized Camp Schedule: DAY FOUR

3D Modeling

Campers will build several 3D models of real-life objects and entities as they develop proficiency in the use of 3D modeling software and concepts. These hands-on sessions will promote creativity, problem solving, design thinking, presentation, and communication skills s campers learn about spatial awareness and career opportunities. Which campers will use their 3D modeling skills to design models of houses and fences that are most modern and attractive? Built into these lessons are discussions about self-confidence and conviction as key components of success.

Customized Camp Schedule: DAY FIVE

STEAM Challenges

Students love to compete, and we know that healthy competition brings the best out of everyone whether win or lose. Using a variety of objects and materials and following prompts and clues, campers will work in teams (indoors and outdoors) to complete projects in competition-style. One of our team challenges is building a marble run, which will help campers to develop engineering, motor, planning, delegation, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. Campers will learn about self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation.

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