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Camp Theme: I Believe I Can

100% Project-Based Learning For All Types of Learners
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IMPORTANT: Preparing all grade level students for future real-life success is our mission and should be every parent's focus and motivation. Our final camp, 3D Printing, runs from 12:15 PM - 5:30 PM (latest for pick-up). The program is 100% hands-on, and it includes design thinking skills, 3D modelling, prototyping, and 3D printing of personally created models and game pieces. The capstone project combines 3D printing with board game design. There is an all-day camp option.

Important Message About Summer Camps

Beware of weekly camps that are cheap and overcrowded. Generally, those camps hire untalented and uncaring workers, lack depth and can sear the minds of children with negative thoughts about education, success and their own capabilities. In contrast, camps that run for an entire day that are substantive and high-quality in nature as GenerateTech's camps, tend to overcharge. We make our camps affordable to cater for the demographics we serve, and we do not overwhelm campers. Watch the video below of a former camper's testimonial. She is now pursuing a career in law.

Mark Fraser

MSITM, MCITP, MCSA, CAPM, MCP, CIW, Certified Executive Coach, Ed.D (candidate)

3D Printing Enhances Problem-solving Skills

Light Bulb Poster

Parents and Teachers Speak well of us!

" Words cannot describe this place. You have to experience it for yourself"

"Great facility! Great Program! Above all, Great People"

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and everyone said they learned"

"My son loves the way Mr. Fraser teaches. He says that he is always inspired"

"This is the only place my daughter wants to be at after school"

"Love this place for my children...everything is hands-on"

"Their Summer camps are great for my teens. They attended two years in a row and want to go again."

Imagine it!   Capture it!   Build it!   Experience it!  Own it!

Excited Children in Science Class

Elementary School Students

May 27 - June 01


Middle - High School Students

June 10 - 15

3D Printer

3D Printing

Grades 3 and up

July 8 - 12

3D Printing Schedule: DAY ONE

Day One introduces campers to 3D modelling and printing from the perspective of a content developer. Campers will interact with two PowerPoint presentations that address the why of 3D modelling and printing. The dynamic presentations highlight the design process and careers, stimulating interest in high-paying jobs. Campers will then create 3D models of everyday objects to make deeper learning connections and express their creativity.

Campers will be taught the fundamentals of Tinkercad, our 3D modelling software, and then choose one of five models to design and print. All work will bear your child's initials to explain the marketing concept of branding.


3D Printing Schedule: DAY TWO

Campers will examine 3D modelling and printing from the perspective of an architect, modelling geometric shapes. They will understand how architects use geometry to divide spaces to build out stable and aesthetically pleasing structures. Campers will then 'construct' their own 3D house in PowerPoint and Tinkercad to draw comparisons.

Campers will enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience as they go around the world to examine structures that align with 3D modelling. Campers will continue to print models from DAY ONE and begin working on the design of their game boards (checkers), enhancing their critical thinking and creativity skills.


3D printing Schedule: DAY THREE

Campers will delve into the mechanisms of the MakerBot Sketch 3D printer, exploring its parts in a close-up, hands-on fashion. It's like they are at their own 3D manufacturing warehouse. They will download, install, and configure the MakerBot Print software so that they can send their models to the printer as soon as they receive a thumbs up.

Campers will begin to sketch their disk-shaped game pieces (24 total) adding their initials before 3D modelling and printing them. What will your child create after learning about the best practices for creating game pieces?


3D printing Schedule: DAY FOUR

As campers grow in their understanding and competence concerning 3D modelling and printing, we will take our discussion and demos up a notch by focusing on Applied Design Thinking. Campers will go through an interactive PowerPoint presentation, brainstorming ideas to complete a "Messy and Missing Parts Locker Project." This project emphasizes asking the right questions and identifying at least two methods to address any problem, weighing their pros and cons. 

The locker project creates excitement among campers as they compare notes, listen to instructor and peer feedback to deliver a locker that is tidy and total. Camper will end the day by 3D modelling and printing a game box (container) for their game pieces.


3D Printing Schedule: DAY FIVE

All good things do come to an end! On DAY FIVE, we will wrap up all projects, working with each camper to make sure their capstone project is printed and intact. It is not all about creating and problem solving to shape learning, careers, and lifestyles. Campers will showcase their gaming skills throughout camp and definitely on the last day.


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