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Innovative STEM-driven Field Trips
Inspiring Students To Aspire


Finally, students can do a field trip and not just take one. For most students, the fun part of the field trip is the bus ride. Even some teachers and chaperones remember more about their time on the bus than they remember about the trip's program and purpose. At GenerateTech, our field trip is all about doing, so there's never any forgetting! Plus, the entire experience is 100% STEM-based. Simply put, your field trip to our facility will impact the life of each student in ways that cannot be articulated. We feel strongly that the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs will enter our state-of-the-art facility either on a field trip or as a part of our all-inclusive hands-on STEM-based after-school program. But that student will need to challenged to see his/her capabilities. We hope you will seriously consider giving your students and children this life-changing and career-shaping experience. The cost per student typically ranges from $20 - $25, and our new training facility and training resources allow us to serve 40 - 45 students at once.

Field Trip Experiences now include our innovative and immersive STEM education booths. We CAN SERVE 40 - 45 STUDENTS AT ONCE AND STUDENTS BENEFIT FROM HANDS-ON TRAINING IN AT LEAST 2 STEM AREAS.

Watch the video below then call us to set up your fully customized field trip

WHAT teachers and parents are SAYING


Parents and Teachers Speak well of us!

" My daughter attended a field trip and that was enough to change her mind about not wanting to go to college"

"Great facility! Great Program! Above all, Great People"

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and everyone said they learned"

"My son loves the way Mr. Fraser teaches. He says that he is always inspired"

"This is the only place my daughter wants to be at after school"

"Love this place for my children...everything is hands-on"

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Children in School Bus
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