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Repair Center

No deposits - No fix, no fee - and more!

At GenerateTech, we strive to run our repair center like a drive through car wash service; fast in - fast service - fast out! Because we depend on technology to make the world of difference in the lives of others, we know how important and valuable your hardware is to you. To this end, we founded our repair center on the following philosophies:

We are so confident about our computer repairs ability due to years of experience and high qualifications that we pledge to not charge a single penny, if we couldn’t fix your device. This holds true regardless of the amount of time we actually spend troubleshooting and attempting to repair the unit. We are treating you the way we would like to be treated.

Even if you are a first-time customer and the workload is huge, we will never ask for a deposit as long as hardware and software are not required for the fix. We believe that you, the customer must first be given the opportunity to inspect the quality of our work before reaching into your wallet or purse to pay. We believe that this is the right way for businesses to provide their services.

We know for a fact that there will be times when our customers will present us with problems that could be easily remedied. So, if we don’t have to sweat, we will simply call it free consultation as we deliver to you the solution. This approach to business is based on honesty and we believe that business owners should be trailblazers when it comes to honesty.

The computer repair business is one of the fastest growing industries as computers and other technology devices are soaring in sales. Our philosophy is not only to never overcharge, but to charge less than our competition. To perform this, we will offer deep discounts to educational institutions, students, seniors (over 60 years) and the parents of registered students of GenerateTech. We just want to stay profitable, not get rich.

We are probably the first in this industry to offer priority repairs – why not? Because you support us in other areas or you simply bring us a lot of business, we will treat you as you deserve to be treated – SPECIAL! All work done for educational institutions and parents\guardians of registered participants of GenerateTech will benefit from expedited or priority service. This means that you will get all your hardware back in half the usual time.

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Use the form below to submit a Repair Ticket

The 'Repair Ticket' helps to lessen the amount of time you spend in our office when you drop off your device(s) or the amount of time we spend at your location should you require pickup services. We only pickup within the 36571 zip code for a nominal fee of $15. A valid phone number is required for all tickets.

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