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Gaming Cafe

Improve memory, concentration & social skills
We Pledge To Only Use Clean Games - no profanity - moderate violence, if any
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The old adage, "All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and Jill a dull girl" still holds true today. However, here students do not just play – they practice and develop many skills that are important to their social, cognitive, self-image and character development. With the opportunity to just play for fun to relax one’s mind and body as well as to compete in tournaments, patrons of the gaming café will have an all-inclusive mind-refreshing and brain-training experience. This facility provides a real unique opportunity to make new friends, and to play with and against them in a controlled environment. With the chance to compete in gaming tournaments that range from strategy to action, and everything in between, players will develop great memory and concentration skills. This is guaranteed to be a fun experience as you and your peers play, laugh, celebrate and sometimes huff together.

By utilizing a catalog of PC games from which two new ones will be added each month, the WII U gaming system, huge television and monitor screens, state-of-art software, powerful processors and graphics cards, everyone will have a total immersion experience. The fact that research shows that individual gaming is not as beneficial as gaming with others in a face-to-face environment and as apart of a competition means that paid members of our café will benefit the most.

The café will host a tournament once a month utilizing either a PC game or the WII U gaming console. The chosen tournament game is likely to be one of the games that members would play during their scheduled visits. There will be a registration fee for all tournaments as gamers will be competing for prizes that include trophies, gift cards, badges and cash. To be eligible to play in any tournament players must sign up at least three days before that specific tournament. Non-members will be required to pay a slightly higher registration fee than members.

Every student who attends our after-school program will spend time in our gaming cafe to refresh his or her mind. Members will be able to use our gaming cafe free of charge on Saturdays and will be able to bring along a friend.

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