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Safe Community Fun For The Entire Family

We are a 501 C(3) STEM education non-profit provider raising money to remain in business. We appreciate your support as we pivot toward providing safe short-term team building and recreational/fun activities for businesses, churches, teams and families. 

Contact us via email: or Phone: 251-408-9994


This 8-player Toxic Meltdown Inflatable Wipeout will quickly bring your staff together like no other activity would. Though it is each man/woman for himself/herself, employees will find themselves rooting for one another and cheering on for losers and not just the winners.


This Connect4 Basketball game has become a huge hit around the world, and it is used as a part of many team building sessions. Team members will race to shoot up to 12 basketballs in order to connect 4 basketballs of the same color. Members of the shooting teams get to  shout out strategies.


This Interactive Nerf Gun Shooting Gallery will test your shooting skills as well as your ability to work with others. Two teams of two will face off in this ultra fun carnival-style game to outshoot their opponents. Quick reflexes and ad hoc decision-making will be the key to victory.


This 30 feet Venom Obstacle Course provides a ton of fun and lots of workout, but it also allows teams to bond as each person must depend upon his/her teammate to win. Members from each team will go head-to-head in a race to the finish line while completing a series of physical challenges. Can bosses win?


*Personal/Family Use: Birthdays, Reunions etc.

Toxic Wipeout

  • $450 for 6 hours

  • 30 or less persons

  • $10 for each additional person

Shooting gallery

  • $350 for 6 hours

  • 30 or less persons

  • $10 for each additional person

C4 Basketball

  • $350 for 6 hours

  • 30 or less persons

  • $10 for each additional person

Obstacle Course

  • $400 for 6 hours

  • 30 or less persons

  • $10 for each additional person

*For rental of any two activities, subtract $50

*For rental of any three activities, subtract $75

*For rental of all four activities, subtract $100


Come celebrate

It's time to reclaim all the excitement, fun, socialization, friendships and togetherness that you lost in 2020. Join us every other weekend, beginning April 10 from 12:00 PM thru 6:00 PM.

Only $25 Per Person

Venue: 231 Shelton Beach Road, Saraland (Formerly Bread of Life Church)


see if you can survive the insane toxic wipeout meltdown eliminator or conquer the 30 feet ninja warrior-like obstacle 

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