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Your decision-making guide

As a parent, the question you should ask yourself isn't “Can I afford to get my child involved?” but rather “Should I accept my child’s non-involvement while others are getting ahead?”

Are you on a tight budget?

Parents on a tight budget should sign up for Tech Forum as this fully supervised hands-on, interactive, classroom-style, instructor-led training environment will instill in your child a love for technology while forming his/her interest to pursue a top career in engineering, science or computer science. This is a sacrifice worth making because of the benefits of academic growth, technology skill acquisition, teamwork, improved social skills, leadership and positive sustainable career influence. Because nothing significant has ever happened in a person’s life without sacrifice, you must be willing to modify your lifestyle so that your child/children can at least benefit from Tech Forum’s systematic technology training.

Does your budget have some flexibility?

Parents with a semi-flexible budget, that is, parents who are able to save any amount of money from their pay check should sign up their child for at least two areas. My suggestion is Tech Forum and Makerspace or Tech Forum and Gaming Café. This double interaction and integration of learning will allow your child to quickly master key computer skills, gain superior cognitive skills and develop a well-rounded leadership personality. The amount you will pay is actually a better investment than a 0.5% interest, especially if your child is passionate, teachable or interested in learning by doing.

Do you regularly have disposable income?

Participation in all three of our interconnected programs is recommended for children of parents with significant disposable income. Such parents are likely to be professionals employed in a STEM field or working as an educator. Because any single service we provide is worth the sum of all three, the total amount you will pay should be considered negligible based on your income size and what others elsewhere pay for similar training and exposure.

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