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Affordable IT Infrastructure Implementation and Integration Services

By providing practical 21st century training in technology and giving adult learners the opportunity to learn via a conglomerate of methods such as role simulation, problem solving, group work, analysis of real-world environments, data parsing and by making evidence-based prognostications, program participants will likely develop competencies and confidence that will allow them to discover new possibilities, expand their capabilities, improve their standard of living, enhance workplace productivity and contribute to organizational growth .

~Mark A. Fraser,  President

Target Training Groups
  1. High school graduates who are either unable or unwilling to attend college.

  2. Non-working adults who are interested in entering the workforce but lack rudimentary to intermediate knowledge and skills in business and technology.

  3. Frontline employees who will need to learn new skills to be able to efficiently perform their work duties.

  4. Managers and department heads who must upgrade their technical skills and acquire new skill-sets to meet the IT leadership demands of the 21st Century workforce.

  5. Any education or business professional who is uncomfortable with technology but must learn new skills to become competitive, achieve job security and to deliver.

  6. Minimum wage workers who are seeking to upgrade their skills to either increase their earning potential or to begin studying to transition into a new job or career.

Technology is at the forefront of every industry, and employees who do not know how to competently use it - hardware, software and processes - will INEVITABLY contribute to customer dissatisfaction, an unproductive work environment and loss of revenue.


Consider this: I recall working at a well-established tax office as a human resources manager when I observed that the employees who were responsible for electronically transferring client files to the IRS were selecting files individually for transmission. They nor any of their supervisors and my fellow senior managers had no idea that client files could be selected and transferred in big batches. Had I not been technically trained, this inefficient, time-consuming and revenue-draining process would have continued in the company.​

For a small fee to support our non-profit, we can BEGIN training your frontline employees and managerial staff in almost any area of technology. Not sure what kind of technical skills might be needed though employee morale and productivity are at a stand still or waning? We can help you diagnose the issues and then make corrective and preventive training recommendations. Our Employee Training program is developed with your company's need to be and remain productive and profitable.


The range of technology training that we can provide will likely address any and all the training needs of your organization whether it is related to hardware, software or a process. If you know the specific training need, for example, "I want all my frontline managers to become more adept at cyber security and my frontline employees to know how to troubleshoot common computer problems." Then you can contact us. Again, we can help you figure out the training needs for each group within your management structure.

If you are currently unemployed and you have little to no technical training, you should contact us so we can work with you to help prepare you for your future. The workforce is extremely IT intensive, and you will need hands-on training in a myriad of relevant technologies from the experienced trainers and professionals at GenerateTech.

Interested organizations and persons must send an email to to confirm interest, discuss training needs and to receive registration and training cost details.


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