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Oasis Agee
Lydia and Divinty

"I have really enjoyed coming to GenerateTech to learn about coding and about computers, in general. GenerateTech has helped me to develop technical skills and to discover and nurture my interest in graphics design." Lead Ambassador, Ellen Lanford

What parents say about our program's impact on their children's lives? 

Parents of Samuel Jacob

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We are so happy with the progress that Sam has made at Generate Tech. He was interested in coding before he started taking classes at GenerateTech, but he had only had a few classes in Technology Education at the Middle School, using programs such as PowerPoint, Prezi and basic HTML website creation. Sam always loved creating games, and he is constantly surrounded by notebooks filled with drawings, details and game boards. Since attending weekly classes at Generate Tech, Sam has immersed himself in the creation of digital games using the Scratch the Cat program from MIT. He even created an app that won a regional competition for the school

Parents of Mollie Morgan

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When there is something she wants to do or make, she’s going to try her hardest to accomplish it. Having been diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, she has had her share of trials and challenges. Many times throughout her elementary years, we tried to introduce her to an extracurricular activity only to have her decide she wasn’t interested. Her behavior declined and her interest level was next to nothing. However, when she started at GenerateTech, we knew that something was different. She wanted to go every week and she was coming home talking about making new friends. She also was learning about coding, making things in the Makerspace, and creating multimedia presentations. As she progressed, she completed a presentation that eventually won 2nd place regionally as well as 2nd place at the state level. Mollie was able to grow intellectually, but she also grew in her confidence. She has an interest in becoming a scientist and she is determined to go into a field where women are the minority.

Parents of Christopher Biggs

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GenerateTech has been the motivating force in Christopher's life for more than a year. He has always had an interest in computers but no way to direct it. That changed the first time we walked into GenerateTech - Christopher found his direction. His progress with his computer skills has been amazing but that is not all that has happened. At GenerateTech, Christopher has found hope for the future; he has found friendship and a sense of belonging. Most of all, he has found that his autism is not a limitation.

Parents of Cullen Beckner

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Cullen began attending GenerateTech in the summer of 2018 and immediately found an outlet for his love of technology. He has gained so many technical skills over the past year including coding and designing multimedia PowerPoint presentations. After many hours of training and encouragement from everyone at GenerateTech, he won first place in the state tech fair. He was able to confidently present his PowerPoint presentation to both his peers and adults because of the confidence he has gained at GenerateTech. We believe GenerateTech will have a positive influence on Cullen’s future by giving him much needed technical skills along with the confidence and interpersonal skills that are needed for a successful career.

Parents of Lawson Anderson

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We have noticed numerous changes with Lawson since attending classes and Camp at GenerateTech. He speaks with greater confidence and will ask for assistance when needed in the classroom. He's made friends with other students and enjoys seeing them outside of class and engaging in gaming sessions online. He is always excited about attending training at GenerateTech, and he continues to develop his ideas at home. I can see Lawson pursuing and flourishing in a STEM related career in the future because of the skills he is developing at GenerateTech, both technical and social.

Parents of Oliver Jackson

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Since Oliver’s involvement with the programs at GenerateTech, we have noticed a marked increase in his confidence and maturity, technical problem-solving skills, interest in learning computer skills, and enjoyment in working with others. Oliver has been notably excited about attending class and learning new material and advancing his programming/coding skills. We are looking forward to seeing what this year brings for Oliver and his education; we fully support our son’s continued educational growth and his eagerness to become a student ambassador.  We know Oliver’s positive outlook on learning and supporting the GenerateTech mission will serve him well as he transitions into a young adult.

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Started in 2018

A Bold Start

We founded GenerateTech in 2018 to provide an all-inclusive comprehensive  hands-on STEM training program for students

5 Tech Fair winners in 2019

Continuing Drive

Using personal resources, we continued to plow away until we saw tangible results...5 students won at Tech Fair

10 Tech Fair Winners in 2020

Fighting To Survive

With greater success in 2020, we were off to a great year until COVID-19. Now, we need your kind donations to survive.

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