We refer to the Tech Forum as the Formal Learning Place (FLP) of GenerateTech. Unlike a typical classroom environment where the teacher does the bulk of the thinking, talking and tasks (actual work), our students are integrated into an academically-charged and technology-driven environment that encourages critical thinking, problem-solving and peer-to-peer interactions as they code, build applications, design web pages and print media, create animations, construct models and bridge skills in mechanical, electrical, software and computer engineering to build and program robots. A very important component of our training philosophy is to help all learners understand the ‘why?’ behind the work they do. Indeed, the training provided by GenerateTech is 100% skill and competency-based. Here, we utilize this approach because research suggests that the skills gap is widening due to the misalignment between the formal educational curriculum and workplace requirements. With technology set to displace many traditional jobs in the near future, it is a common-sense decision to get your child started on his or her technical skill acquisition journey now! If your child is in grade four, it is not too earlier for him or her to get started. In fact, now is the perfect time. If your child is a junior or senior, it is imperative that he or she acquires a reasonable measure of IT skills before bolting off to college or throwing him or herself at the mercies of a vastly increasing technically competitive workforce. Any child between grades four and eleven, now has a golden, but passing opportunity to acquire the academic, practical, team-building and cognitive skills that will guarantee his or her future success. We believe that students and adults will love our training approach as they see value and new skills added to the repertoire of meaningful things they know to perform. With our ability to create custom training programs for working adults or adults who are seeking employment, it is a win-win for everyone. Come visit our office and talk with us for additional details on any aspect of our adult training courses. Otherwise, sign up your child to help him or her outperform anything you have ever accomplished. Our training program includes the following:

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