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Grow In STEM Summer Camps


gENERATETECH WILL BE HOSTING TWO CAMPS (week of June 6 and week of June 27) AND PROVIDING OTHER TRAINING OPPORTUNIES DURING SUMMER BREAK 2022, including 3d modeling & printing training

Camp Fee is only $225. Like us on Facebook for $30 off. Use code: STUDENTOFSTEM30

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Register before June 15 and get $25 off.
Use coupon code: STEMSTUDENT25

Our 1st Grow In STEM camp was a huge success!!!

We are excited to welcome back returning campers!!!


Teacher Assisting a Student

Learn To Use New Software

GenerateTech has a complete STEM-driven, fun-based summer schedule for students of all ages and learning abilities that include two summer camps for students in grade 1 thru 9, a 3D printing one-week training program and a custom workforce and college readiness computer training program for rising seniors, graduates and adults
The gravitation to STEM educational summer experiences is usually the trend of the rich and elite - NOT ANYMORE! We provide high-quality hands-on training at an affordable cost.
We provide a complete hands-on,
innovative set of STEM and
recreational summer activities

All of our camps are 100% customized for various grade levels and focus on Construction, Critical Thinking, Coding, Collaboration, Creativity and STEM Careers



You Don't Want Your Child To Miss This One!


Parents and Teachers Speak well of us!

" Words cannot describe this place. You have to experience it for yourself"

"Great facility! Great Program! Above all, Great People"

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and everyone said they learned"

"My son loves the way Mr. Fraser teaches. He says that he is always inspired"

"This is the only place my daughter wants to be at after school"

"Love this place for my children...everything is hands-on"

"Their Summer camps are great for children. My kids attended two years in a row and want to go again."

What Campers say: -

  • "I love that everyday I get to build something new. I love working with my hands."

  • "I enjoyed coding even though I thought it was difficult at first."

  • "As an older camper, I was selected to be a group leader and that also made me more confident."

Children Embracing in Circle

Imagine it!   Capture it!   Build it!   Act it!   Experience it!

Excited Children in Science Class


Camp was successfully Completed

June 6 - 10


Female Student


Grades 5  thru 9; 12:30 - 5:30 PM

June 27 - July 01



Grades 3 thru 9; 12:30 - 5:30 PM

July 11 - 15


To Keep Everyone Safe, We Are Limiting Participation



Keeping students motivated over their summer vacation is critical to success in the ensuing school year. Your child will enjoy his/her camping experience with us as he/she sees new possibilities and discovers new capabilities. Register ASAP to lock inyour child's spot.



Campers from grades 5 through 9 will benefit from a new level of training and motivation. Because many students intuitively make important life-changing career decisions at this time, this camp will focus on business and education. See schedule below.



Our 3D printing program is a great opportunity for students to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experiences with an innovative technology. This program will benefit returning campers who will be offered a discount and new campers who enjoy building things and coming up with new ideas.

Camp Schedule - June 27 - July 01


TIME: 12:30 - 12:45

ACTIVITY: Welcome & Warm-up

DESCRIPTION: Campers are dropped off, received and directed to their dedicated workstation where they can play PC games and / or interact with their peers. During this time, the camp administrator will provide important information about training, conduct, socialization and agenda items. Campers will provide feedback to ensure that everyone is on the same page.


  • Campers learn about what is expected of them in terms of conduct and compliance.

  • Camp staff ensures that everyone is comfortable and ready for an awesome day of learning and fun.

TIME: 2:40 - 3:40

ACTIVITY: Break & Refresh

DESCRIPTION: At GenerateTech, we believe that the brain works best when the body is energized. Campers will break for one hour for snacks and outdoor activities, such as soccer, to foster collaboration, team building and leadership and other soft skills.


  • Campers will mitigate boredom that is usually associated with lengthy classroom instruction.

  • Campers will exercise to refresh their bodies and minds as they learn new skills related to a particular sport such as soccer.

  • Campers will develop social and fine motor skills as they play and participate.

  • Instructors will get the opportunity to better bond with campers to make future learning experiences more impactful.

TIME: 12:50 - 1:15

ACTIVITY: Imagine it & Make it

DESCRIPTION: To serve as an ice-breaker and to get campers to quickly put on their critical thinking and creativity hats, which they will need for for the duration of camp and life, each camper will receive a set of 20 planks and will be given verbal instructions to construct a specific object/device/tool such as a bridge.


  • Campers will begin to mentally prepare for the day’s activities.

  • Campers will learn about how creative they and their peers can be.

  • Random campers will be selected to explain and defend their work.

  • Instructors will get to discover campers with creative ability and innovative design skills and learn about ways to create greater impact, interest and immersion.

TIME: 3:45 - 4:45

ACTIVITY: Web Design

While building a website for their own fictitious software development company, campers will learn how to hard code menu items, buttons, page and image links, contact forms etc. Campers will also learn about branding and marketing to arouse and create business consciousness.


  • Campers will gain practical website designing experience as they create a functional ecommerce website.

  • Campers will learn new information about software and how it drives business success.

  • Campers will be able to build on their web design skill to enter tech fair competitions and to launch their own business ideas.

  • Instructors will get the opportunity to discover campers with interest in business and learn about other ways to create engagement for the purpose of financial empowerment.

TIME: 1:20 - 2:40


DESCRIPTION: Campers will code computer-based educational games as they learn about key programming concepts such as variables, arguments, functions, loops etc. Campers will also build computer-based applications that will reinforce their problem-solving skills as they add their own creative touch to make their work reflective of their interests and passions.


  • Campers will hone their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills as we discuss the various elements of each game and application.

  • Campers will master key programming concepts.

  • Campers will make connections between their projects and how they can solve real-life problems or help to improve the human experience.

  • Instructors will glean insight into what makes campers passionate about programming and wanting to make a difference in the lives of others via education.

TIME: 4:45 - 5:30

ACTIVITY: Finish up & Free play

DESCRIPTION: Campers will use this overlapping time to complete their projects for that day by receiving help from their peers or an instructor. Campers who have completed their projects will participate in computer gaming activities.


  • All campers will complete their daily projects.

  • Campers will end their camp day on a high note, i.e., by having fun gaming and safely socializing with their peers to form stronger bonds that will enhance each subsequent learning and growing experience.

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