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Sustaining Learning and Passion Via Representation
To further inspire students to become productive and academically responsible, the directors and instructors of GenerateTech will be appointing a group of uniquely motivated and talented students to serve as STEM Student Ambassadors for the next three years. Ambassadors will play a huge role in the success of the company's programs and public image by teaching their peers and representing the company at special events. A pool of students will be nominated to compete for the STEM Student Ambassadors' positions. Nominees and appointees will be recognized at a special ceremony on Friday, November 18 @ 6:30 PM. The venue will be announced at a later date. Once chosen, STEM Student Ambassadors will be posted to our website, on social media and in other printed material. Ambassadors will also participate in training and learning opportunities. This is a great maturing and motivating opportunity for students on multiple levels, and it will boost their confidence and increase their chances to earn academic scholarships

"Ambassadors are students whose actions, attitudes, activities and accomplishments best exemplify the kind of impact GenerateTech intends to have on the lives of all students.​ I have zero doubt that the students chosen as STEM Student Ambassadors will be the ones who will commit to lifelong STEM education and pass on their knowledge to their peers."

                                                                                                       Mark Fraser

Summary of Benefits and Service Opportunities:

  • Opportunity to serve as a STEM peer tutor as a part of the company's Mobile STEM Community Initiative (MSCI), Saturday Students of STEAM (SSS) and to receive a stipend for their involvement.

  • Opportunity to serve as teachers' aides at summer camps, after-school and homeschool training programs, field trips and to receive stipends for their involvement.

  • Opportunity to represent the company by speaking and conducting demonstrations at promotional events and to receive stipends for their involvement.

  • Opportunities to be interviewed as a part of GenerateTech's TV, radio, and social media Ads.

  • Opportunities to receive service awards and letters of recommendation.

  • Opportunity to be honored at a prestigious recognition ceremony and have name inscribed on a company plaque to be made a part of the company's history.

  • Opportunity to attend luncheons and yearly dinner events with company directors and members.

  • Ambassadors will receive  a special certificate and medal to distinguish themselves from their peers.

Ceremony will take place on Friday, November 18.

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