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"I KNEW that GenerateTech Saraland was going to be AWESOME....and today's Adventure proved it! Many of us who participated today will be coming back for our April Adventure there! The Tech Forum, Gamer Cafe, and Makerspace were hard to describe so I am thankful to everyone that came today on my "I swear this place ROCKS" say so! ;) They practiced logic skills on the computer, started creating a video game through coding, and built fans from the ground up.....LOTS of electrical tape was used!  They have after school programs available too if you want to check them out.....and you DO!"
Erin of Erin's Gulf Coast Homeschool Adventure

Finally, students can do a field trip and not just take one. For most students, the fun part of the field trip is the bus ride. Even some teachers and chaperones remember more about their time on the bus than they remember about the trip's program and purpose. At GenerateTech, our field trip is all about doing, so there's never any forgetting! Plus, the entire experience is 100% STEM-based. Simply put, your field trip to our facility will impact the life of each student in ways that cannot be articulated. We feel strongly that the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs will enter our state-of-the-art facility either on a field trip or as a part of our all-inclusive hands-on STEM-based after-school program. We hope you will seriously consider giving your students and children this life-changing and career-shaping experience. 

Only $15 - $20 per student

Can you imagine a birthday celebration where everyone is having so much fun that

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Time to party!
play with robots
Celebrate in style
Enjoy PC gaming
Let us surprise you!
Take pics & play on big screen
Enjoy board games
Team up and play
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There are really no words that could accurately describe your celebration experience with us. You just have to do it, and you and all your guests will see what we mean, when we say that there are really no words. Once you are ready to celebrate just give us a call - we can customize your party activities so that you determine the amount of fun you and your guests will have, and when it will all end. So, if you are celebrating your 9th birthday or any thereafter, check in with us first. Our facility is spacious and has all that is needed to make a party enjoyable and memorable. Your guests will even get free coupons customized with your name as a gift from you. Enough said ... it's time to party!

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Time to party!