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A STEM EDU Project

Scaling Student Success In STEM Education

Our STEM Education Community Booths Project is being developed and launched to help community businesses grow and residents to learn more about STEM education for the purpose of strengthening and scaling student success in STEM education and STEM careers.


The vision of GenerateTech’s STEM Community Booths Initiative is threefold: -

I. To stimulate and sustain interest in STEM education amongst residents of all age groups, especially parents, for the purpose of impacting and accelerating student success in a myriad of STEM fields.

II. To provide older students with the opportunity to develop leadership, technical and soft skills, including communication skills, as they serve as Booth Managers.

III. To create a practical way and space for community and other businesses to pay it forward and promote their brand while contributing to the 21st Century learning needs of students.


 Two decades of work amongst students of diverse learning needs and from different socio-economic backgrounds has shown that students who enjoy and excel in STEM are the ones who receive public/parental encouragement in addition to being personally motivated. Generally, parents with only a rudimentary knowledge of STEM tend to allow their children to make unilateral decisions concerning their participation in a STEM training program at school or elsewhere. In contrast, parents with reasonable to substantial exposure to STEM play a major role in helping to shape their children’s attitudes to STEM education and ultimately, their aptitudes.


For sponsoring a booth, your benefits will be both tangible and intangible: -


I. Opportunity to promote your business and brand for up to 2 years.

II. Opportunity to personally connect with residents who are potential customers.

III.  Opportunity to establish your business as a champion of STEM education.

IV. Your one-time sponsorship fee is 100% tax deductible.

V. You will likely receive direct sales over the two year period.

VI. You will receive a well-designed ‘STEM EDUCATION COMMUNITY DONOR’ certificate with corporate seal for you to display in your office.


This Program will impact student success in the following ways: -


I. Seniors who serve as Booth Managers will develop technical, leadership, communication and social skills.

II. This is an excellent service opportunity for seniors and can enhance their college or job application.

III. Students who do not benefit from a structured and comprehensive STEM program will get the opportunity to see new possibilities and to discover more capabilities.

IV. Students will likely discover at least one STEM field that they are interested in and will become inspired to pursue.

V. Minority and financially disadvantaged students will get the opportunity to excel in STEM education

VI. Parents will be empowered to get more involved in their children's academic life.

Excited Children in Science Class

GenerateTech's STEM Education Community Booths


¨ Simple Machines

¨ Micro: Bit Programming

¨ Robotics: younger kids

¨ Robotics: older students

¨ Legos Leagues

¨ Drones

¨ Structural Engineering

¨ Button/Badge Printing

¨ Brain Teasers and Puzzles

¨ Science and Biology

¨ Electricity and Magnetism

¨ Virtual Reality: educational

¨ Spare Parts: free build/play

The cost to sponsor a STEM Community Booth is $500. This amount is tax-deductible. You can sponsor any number of booths or make a donation towards one. Booth sponsors will have the opportunity to advertise their business/brand on their sponsored booth (s) for two years. We plan to launch this program on July 16 at our office grounds and then showcase it once a month thereafter. We will also visit other counties.


All sponsorship checks ($500) must be made out to GenerateTech INC. You can co-sponsor with another business or make a generous donation towards a STEM Education Community Booth. Please feel free to email us at or call us @ 678-808-5580.

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