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The Board is thrilled to announce the commencement of work to facilitate the company's vision to bring hands-on STEM training experience to under-served communities in the year 2020. If your community is within seventy miles of our office, which is located in Saraland, AL, we will come to you. In an effort to develop the skill-sets of our current students who serve as Ambassadors, we will use them to assist with training other students as a part of our Mobile STEM Community Initiative. Training content will focus on all aspects of STEM and Arts. The program will take place in your community at your local library, the park, a business place or community center.

We are still in the initial planning phase, and we are currently seeking out grants to fund the project. We are looking for program sponsors. Please contact us, if you would like to become a sponsor or if you know companies and individuals you believe we could approach. You can donate now to help make this project a reality. All donors will be recognized at various levels, including but not limited to names on outdoor banners,  office plaques, and T-shirts, issuance of certificates, listing on websites and program brochures.

Complete documentation that covers all aspects of the Mobile STEM Community Initiative will be forthcoming. It is our hope to begin GMSCI during summer of this year.

Contact Mark and Grey @ 251-217-2151 for more details

Our goal is to make GMSCI a reality in 2021

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