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With many companies adopting more hardware and software solutions to streamline business operations, technology problems are bound to happen. When these glitches occur, they can halt important tasks thereby affecting performance, productivity and profits. Because most companies including small business, do not have IT knowledge workers aboard, downtime could last for many days, creating a loss in revenue. We will train you to become a Technical Office Support Specialist while providing you with guidance about how to market yourself to land your new job or get the well-deserved promotion. Technical Office Support Specialists can fill many job roles which range from front desk to office supervisor, and everything in between. This program is recommended for young people who will not be pursuing a college degree initially, and working and non-working adults with limited technical training.


Our flagship in-house certification program includes: - 

  • Skills that comprise CompTIA's A+, Security and Network certifications.

  • Skills that comprise Microsoft Office Specialist certifications.

  • Skills that comprise some of Oracle's MySQL certifications.

  • Skills that comprise college minors in website design.

  • Bonus training to teach you how to go about getting your new job/promotion.

  • Certification with detailed transcript at program completion to show what you can do.

NB. Introductory price of $275 with no registration fee. Price will go up by at least $100. Training is ongoing so register anytime you are ready. Classes will run for 6 weeks with 4 hours of rigorous training per week. Classes will take place in the evening hours from 5:30 PM. A deposit of $150 is required after signing up. Minimum class size is 4 trainees and maximum is 9 trainees. Ideal for young people who do not plan to pursue a four-year college degree but would like to have marketable IT skills. Working and non-working adults with limited technical skills should register for this program to remain competitive.


To protect the integrity of our program, upon registering and paying the deposit, trainees will be directed to a password protected portal where they could login to view the competencies covered within the following modules: -

1. Computer Networks and Security (core training area).

2. Computer Hardware and Software (core training area).

3. MySQL database Administration (Elective)

4. Website Design (Elective)

5. Microsoft Excel or Word (Elective)

6. How To Get Hired (Bonus 45 minutes workshop-style training)

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