Students had another great week of learning, effective socialization, team building, and of course, fun! In the Tech Forum, they each CODED a functional game in Scratch. I love the variation in sprites they chose. Please stop by Wednesday to see some of their work.

In the makerspace, students enthusiastically continued building prototypes with planks as we talked more about the work of a structural engineer and architect. The big highlight of the week is the electrical fans they started to build from ground up. I was so caught up in their work that I forgot to take pictures. However, I do have a few to share. Since we have a digital camera in the Makerspace, students will take turns in taking taking pictures. This Wednesday, Turner will have the first shot at it. Don't worry, I will guide them in its proper operation and care.

Next week, students will finalize their standing fans and add a bulb to it for a more real-world application. Thank you!