5 Stars Reviews

"My son just finished up a week-long camp here and thoroughly enjoyed himself. He learned so much about coding, 3D modeling, and robotics/wiring. Definitely recommend as a friendly, supportive, and safe space for kids to learn while having fun. Looking forward to future visits".  ~Heather Swearingen


"Both of my kids attended the week-long summer camp where they learned about 3D printing and computer coding, just to name a few...the camp ended yesterday and they have both already asked if they could come back next year! Well done, GenerateTech. The kids loved it!!!"  ~Kristy Townsend

"I enrolled my daughter as soon as they opened their business so she could experience gaming, coding, robotics, programming, everything STEM. She has found her niche and loves attending every Wednesday during the school year. This summer, she was asked to be a teacher’s aide for summer camp and she loved the experience of being on the other side and seeing things from another perspective. It helped her solving and critical thinking skills. She says she has finally found a place where she fits in and others understand her. Now she has a classmate that has enrolled and it has made her flourish with excitement of sharing her love for learning and gaming. This is an establishment that is owned and lead by Christian teachers who want to help our kids excel in any area of STEM that our school are not able to touch on. The camp is fun to participate in even if STEM is not your child’s “forte”. It shows them what they are capable of doing and how to apply skills learned to use towards everyday things. I look forward to watching the growth of this company and the overall effects it will have on our children." ~Angela Echols

Pictures of campers on their 1st day below.
For pictures of campers on their 2nd day, CLICK HERE. Without a doubt, we have campers who are great thinkers, leaders, communicators and learners. Feeling blessed!