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Hands-on Training in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
We Are Providing Safe In-person Traning To Stop The Disruption To Your Child's Emotional Growth and Social Developmentl

Our innovative STEM-driven after-school program boasts a complete STEM educational experience for all students. Students who grow with STEM education are much more likely to score higher on the ACT, attend a four-year college, pursue graduate studies and land high-paying jobs. In fact, the low cumulative STEM scores received by students from the first to the last time they take the ACT, highlights the need for a greater focus on STEM education among elementary and middle school students. Because our commitment is to give students the very best shot at success, we added an immersive and adaptive math training component.

Our after-school environment is safe from bullying and boredom. All students, regardless of their performance in the traditional classroom environment, are able to learn and grow with us by observing, doing, collaborating, communicating, iterating, and receiving one-on-one guidance. Students become woven into an academically and technologically charged environment that keeps them challenged and focused while having fun.

Though we follow a fully customized systematic curriculum that fosters learning connections among the STEM disciplines, fun and excitement play a key role in our approach. Students are encouraged to ask questions, other students are encouraged to answer questions and creativity is extracted. At GenerateTech, we focus on training that matters! We don't babysit ... we deposit.


1. The Tech Forum (or Coding Center), which is our formal instructor-led, hands-on project-based training area that equips students with skills such as computer animations, coding (JAVA, HTML, CSS, Python, MySQL, and Scratch), 3D modeling, multimedia, web page and database design. It is in the Tech Forum we prepare students to for Alabama's prestigious tech fair competitions.

2. The Makerspace, which allows students to create prototypes, conduct science and engineering experiments, design moving machines, experiment with motor electromagnet, electric current and magnetic fields, program robots, build Raspberry Pi gaming centers, develop architectural structures to understand balance and proportions, and much more. We refer to the makerspace as the creativity hub.

3. The Gaming Cafe, where students continue their IQ training, cognition development and effective socialization by playing PC games of strategy, inferential reasoning, prediction and collaboration.

According to the Alabama STEM Report conducted between 2012-2016, the percentage of students interested in STEM has declined[1]. Yet, there are over 105,000 STEM jobs available in Alabama. This is an increase of 18% over 2008 numbers and is 1% above the national average[2].


Interest in STEM has been on the decline for a number of reasons including:


  1. A lack of inclusion where many students feel a disconnect in the school system because only the brightest students are chosen to work on projects and compete.

  2. A lack of education where interested students cannot not get the support of their parents because their parents know little to nothing about STEM education.

  3. A high cost where low-income families cannot afford to pay student fees associated with STEM training.

  4. A centralized location where families have to travel long distances to drop off their children.

  5. A rise in sports culture where schools and families focus more on athletics even though a very small percentage of students ever benefit from such beyond high school and college.

  6. A lack of creativity where students feel bored because the focus is on completing a syllabus rather than learning at one’s own pace by doing.

At Generatetech, we are not perfect, but the record shows that our hands-on, real-world approach to STEM education is the perfect complement to the learning that occurs in the school system. We hope you will start/continue with us on this journey to future success and life without regrets, knowing that together we did our best to equip your child with 21st Century technical, social, creativity, and leadership skills.


[1] ACT, Inc. (2018, 7 31). STEM2016_01_Alabama. Retrieved from ACT.org: https://www.act.org/content/dam/act/unsecured/documents/STEM2016_01_Alabama.pdf

[2] Carnevale, A. P., Smith, N., & Melton, M. (2017, 7 31). STEM States Complete Update. Retrieved from cew.georgetown.edu: https://cew.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/stem-states-complete-update2.pdf

We hope your child will be a part of this wonderful STEM adventure with us for the 2019 - 2020 school year.
It is important that young children grow with technology so that interest is quickly developed, and their minds become wired to think technically, creatively, and critically. The reason being, in the next fifteen to twenty years, 95% of the available jobs will be technology-related.

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