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As a STEM nonprofit, GenerateTech is committed to providing scalable, real-world and hands-on cutting-edge training in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to students from grades three through twelve, and at little to no cost, so that any student who seeks to participate could not be excluded because of the cost factor.


In the past, only privileged children have benefited from quality systematic training in STEM education, which gave them a competitive advantage over their not so well-to-do peers. *According to the Alabama STEM Report conducted between 2012-2016, the percentage of students interested in STEM has declined[1]. Yet, there are over 105,000 STEM jobs available in Alabama. This is an increase of 18% over 2008 numbers and is 1% above the national average.


The staff at GenerateTech will work hard to challenge, inspire, and educate the next generation to become the best scientists, engineers, and computer programmers they can become. Your child, regardless of the grades on his or her report card will learn, excel and grow via our hands-on project-based STEM program.


Within our STEM-driven facility, there are no spectators. Every student is motivated and observed to ensure balanced participation. By focusing on skill acquisition, team-building, the development of critical thinking skills and careers, your child will get the very best shot at becoming a successful adult.


From left, Grey Gaillard (VP), Terri Anderson (Treasurer), Rachel Morgan (Secretary), Stacie Beckner (Board Chair), Tami Jackson (Vice Chair), Mark Fraser (President)

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