By working with planks, students will learn important 3D visualization skills that is vital across many STEM professions. Though the focus is on structural engineering, students will make connections in the medical profession as doctors too must understand orientation of bone breaks by viewing various two-dimensional x-rays. Obviously, game designers, architects and fashion designers always rely upon precise three-dimensional drawings to be successful in their profession. This is a great hands-on learning process and an opportunity for your child to explore other interests rather than having a one track mind. 
After an initial discussion, students worked individually to build their mental construct of a particular real-life object. In this case, a goal post. Please ask your child to show you their mental construct of their goal post. Next, they were shown an already built prototype of a goal post, which they then built. You may see some students puffing air in the direction of the goal post --- ask your child why? Before breaking out into individual/free play, students were assigned to groups to work on building a more difficult model - an antenna.
Coding: Your child has begun this journey and there is now no telling concerning what he/she will do with it. They have a great teacher, role model and mentor, who will inspire each of them along the way. I like to tell parents that Bill Gates coded his first simple Tic-Tac-Toe game at age 13, and the rest is history. Please keep your child involved and encourage others to give their children this wonderful gift and experience. Thank you!
Pictures do tell a better and more complete story, so look at them and appreciate the beauty and power of STEM education, friendship, excitement and motivation.

Please spread the word and help us register at least one other person by our next training session. We all know friends and family with kids. A second sibling pays half price.

Your child has already started learning about the process involved in building robots that do specific things. Please assist them in gathering 2 glue sticks, about 6 markers of the same size (different colors), 2 AA batteries, paper tape (any color) and a container of radius no more than 3 inches. Thank you!